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Ramadan arrives! The right time to pursue all of our intent .. Includes accounts payable that make the heart vexed not known! Let us ikhtiarkan together, we'll be joining those already bebasss first!

The debt can not be paid off in a matter of hours makwusss !! 1-2 million and the debt unless we fitting no money to pay it.
The headache majority of readers here is a debt worth tens of millions, hundreds of millions and even billions! Or also the resentful up to fontanel credit card each month repaid the years but not in full-keel! Hehe .. Melepasmu, system compound interest in the credit card debt trap that is what makes endless ..

These measures I have outlined of lectures Aa Gym, Yusuf Mansur and also guide delivered Samson Ustadz Arifin through discussion evenings via telephone to me .. Let's get started!

Steps so that ensnare debt free world:


The same God for mercy upon our actions, whatever our mistakes. When we sin, but not to feel guilty and continuously ignored me then bless God does not adan down. And God continued to send trouble for the sake of the difficulties that gripped our lives.

Prophet innocent Istigfar 100 times a day.
"Whoever familiarize Istighfar readings, then God will make him spaciousness from every grief and WAY OUT for each narrowness, and by Allah REZEKI him from the direction that is not unexpected.
(Hadith History of Abu Dawud, Ibn Majah and Bayhaqi)

Amit deh, all debts regardless of its form to make a living in crowded, chest sesek, passion mendlep!


The point is that aspire earnestly debt paid off! Not only on the lips want debt is paid off, but tomorrow still looking here and there mortgagor, wah!
At this level should dare to say: I give up debt and promised not to owe more! Will not add more debt!


Many who hold the debt, but he still has assets that can be sold in advance to cover part or even the whole debt. Debt car until nunggak paid but too dear at his car, if sold what the world ?! I do not force again dong mas! .... Haiyaaah! Tuh-style meal.

Or anyone with a working capital loan installment eg flat 5 million / month, but the business went bankrupt .. capital sold out! Continue? Yes remainder of any effort .. goods sold anything that could be money release to reduce the debt burden, including selling personal items that had nothing to do with the venture.


Many who have debt, but also had a regular income each month. The key DELAY ALL FUN, allocate two to three times to pay debt. The more we reduce the principal, the burden of repayments is also reduced.
If that had business, first stop the expansion. Each can benefit directly hajarrr nyicil create more debt. Office assets that can be used as money also removable course, make a list of all the items in the office what can be cashed, and so far only redundant menuh-Menuhin room.

5. ACCEPTANCE LEVEL increased!

Convinced that as long as we have good intentions endeavors, God will give way.

If the word AaGym "episode that must be faced in our lives .. ya face it, not have to complain! Back to Allah, because Allah is the Best Solution Provider. Eight years ago my business ruined, because that pursued only fame and money. Now all bounce back, who came to this boarding much more until we refuse-refuse students "

Yusuf Mansur said "want sold out sold out deh ya! This is God's way of ridding our lives. Gakpapa we go bankrupt, which is an important life and property we also dah clean, then slowly rise again, sure seyakinnya Allah will love the way. I was imprisoned for something directed to me by someone else, yes already received wrote, in prison I can wisdom in order to rise again "

A chaplain friend of mine in Bantul cheated Umrah travel agencies Abal Abal in the event that mendompleng teachings. The promotion bureau after study shows the lure of cheap umrah 15 million, and the night was 5 mothers directly frictional wear EDC prepared by the bureau, the total DP collected 45 million. The next day the bureau blurred somewhere .. Abal Abal real!
Ustadz my friend was distraught required to reimburse the mothers group.
The next day someone came to bring money 42 million to assist the construction of boarding schools. Temptation comes again, the money was scattered on the trip when filling recitals, the money somewhere

Dizzy! Headache! Hit two consecutive issues. The only place to complain yes only to God, we ngadu to humans is also not necessarily give him the solution.
Every night she remembrance:
Hasbunallah wani'mal deputy, ni'mal Maula wa ni'mannasir (Quite me Allah is the best protector and helper)
Up to 450 times the routine every night.

Two weeks later the miracle comes, a mother who became victims bureau Abal Abal came to meet the cleric, claimed his brother found the money 42 million in plastic in a location study, that money has bought a motor 3 pieces. When consulted and that the money deposited alms, it was agreed that the motor is returned to the cabin operations, may also be sold, and the mother was able to persuade his colleagues not to sue and blame the cleric as the case of the bureau Abal Abal.
The case is considered clear .. Done! Amazing!

Mashallah .. Yes it is God's way to solve the problem, the expected unexpected ways. We are sometimes careful not convinced that the problem we are delayed.


Started to organize our lives, at her straightened out again, which yesterday was busy piling up assets mortgagor and excessive lifestyle now focus on how to make business can rotate back, hard work again, abstinence debt again, to wait moment our debt paid off with the struggle for the ideals already straightened ,


Under no circumstances will dole should not be stopped. Help other people's business so that our affairs are also helped by God. Do not forget, ask for prayers of our mother or father since childhood .. Those who care for us, their prayers opened the doors of blessing in our lives.

Samson Ustadz Arifin who had movement Entrepreneurs Without Riba often really capture chat with members send to me, people who proceed from berazam debt free until all debts paid off no trace! He allowed me to divide the chat testimonials of people who have been free debt below ..

There are free within a year ..
There are two years ..
There were three years ..
But the process that is luarrr usual! They can tuh .. certainly we believe can

Miss the first days of waking had no debt, right?
Smile without any painful .. carefree ..
O God ... grant ..

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