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JULAIBIB (Engglish Version)

Brother, borrow a moment of your time. Be prepared for a moment someone was playing with story. Inshallah a love story, which hopefully charm makes us also become like him. Being a clever grateful for the favors of Allah.

My brother has kenaLkah you with Julaibib? Noble friend of the Prophet who memorized the good name of this noble, though for it, you should also take pains. Hurry prepare a space in mind, to remember. Until one day, you are able to spread a lesson to others. And God willing, this is an expression of gratitude, just like the main character in the following story.
Julaibib, as he is known.

The word itself may already demonstrated its physical characteristics, dwarf. This name, certainly not his own will, or may nor his parents because he did not know who the father and his mother. Similarly, the people around him, all of them do not know or do not want to about it. Not known nevertheless, of Which tribe he. Unfortunately again, for the people of Yathrib, there bernasab and not ethnicity is a social disability unpardonable.

Daily physical appearance and also fulfill the difficulty humans be close-close. Impressed ugly face grim. Short. Humpback. Black. Fakir. The fabric is worn. His clothes were shabby. Her legs were bare cracked. There was no house for shelter. Hand pillowed bed and berkasurkan indiscriminate sand and gravel. There was no furniture. Drink only from the general pool that was picked up with cupped telapan. Abu Barzah, a leader of Bani Aslam, to the extent that say about Julaibib, "Do not ever let Julaibib enter in among you! By Allah if he dared so, I will do terrible things to him! "

Thus Julaibib.

But if God wills lowered his mercy, none can hinder creature. Julaibib receive guidance, and he has always been at the forefront Shaff in prayer and jihad. Although almost everyone still treat him as if he was not, not so with the glorious Apostles, the mercy to the worlds. Shuffah Julaibib living in the Prophet's Mosque, one day rebuked by the prophet, "Julaibib" so softly he called out, "Do not you get married?"

Julaibib replied while smiling, "O Allah's Apostle Who is the person, who married his daughter with me this?" Because he realizes himself; poor papa and no family, disability berfisik anyway. As if, nobody would have noticed, there are the same and the absence. However, he did not feel sorry for myself and blame divine destiny, in the face and words. Rasululloh also smiling. Perhaps it is the parents who deign to Julaibib. But the next day, when he met with Julaibib, he asked the same question, "Julaibib, do not you get married?" And Julaibib replied with the same answer as well. So, so, so. Three times. Three days in a row.

And on the third day that the Prophet Julaibin's arm and took him to one of the house of a leader of Ansar as mentioned in the report of Abu Barzah al Aslami. "I want" said Rasululloh to the owner of the house, "applying for your daughter."

"How beautiful and how barakahnya." As soon as the guardian answered radiant, thought that the Prophet was prospective in-laws. "O Allah's Apostle, it would be to get rid of the dim light of our home."

"But I did not apply myself." Rasululloh said, "untu Julaibib Kupinang your daughter?"

"What Are? Julaibib? ", Almost the father of the girl let out. Julaibib shadow flashed with the details, and he terkaget.

"Yes I Do. To Julaibib. "

"O Allah's Apostle." There was a heavy sigh, "I have to ask my wife consideration of this matter."

"With Julaibib?" Cried his wife from inside the house, "How can it be? Julabib muddy-faced, not bernasab, not berkabilah, not the rank and not affluent? "Not satisfied, he went on words that is evidence of how he reluctantly took off his daughter to marry Julaibib," For God's sake do not. Our daughter will never marry Julaibib. "

The debate did not last long because the princess from behind the curtain said graciously, "Who asked O father and mother?"

Both also explained.

"Do you want to reject the request Rasululloh? By Allah, I tell him. And for the sake of Allah, because Rasululloh who asked, then would not he bring destruction and loss for me. "The girl was last shalihah read the word of God,

"And it is not appropriate for men and women faithful believers, when Allah and His Messenger have set a statute, will be there for them no other choice about their affair. And whoever disobeys Allah and His Messenger, he has indeed strayed in a plain error. "(Al-Ahzab: 36).

He was married him Julaibib.

Ishaq bin Abdillah bin Abi Talhah said to Thabit, "Do you know, what Rasululloh prayer for her?"

He said, "What was the prayer of the Prophet for him?"

He said a prayer, "O Allah, bestow goodness upon it, in abundance blessed. It is no you let her suck and problematic. "

True prayer of the Prophet Muhammad. However, togetherness both destined for too long. Although in the world shalihah wife and cautious, but the angel had missed her too long. Julaibib more dihajatkan sky though tercibir on earth. It is more appropriate than the Jannah inhabit the world that being not too friendly to him.

When he was martyred, the Prophet so lost. Loss. Very lost. But he would teach something to the companions. Then he wondered at the end of the battle, "Do you miss someone?" The Companions replied, "So and so, so and so and so and so."

He asked again, "Do you miss someone?"

Companions again replied, "Yes. So and so, so and so and so and so. "

Again he asked, "Do you miss someone?"

And selalunya Companions replied, "Yes. So and so, so and so and so and so. "

Then the Prophet said to let out his breath, "But I lost Julaibib. Look for him! "

Finally, they managed to find it, Julaibib noble. Killed with injuries, all of the direction of advance. In around menjelejah seven bodies of the enemy that he had killed first. He said, "He has killed seven people before they killed him." Prophet Muhammad, with his own hands mengafaninya. He menshalatkannya personally. And sentence him to Julaibib that will be the envy of all beings until the Day of Resurrection is, "Oh God, he was a part of me and I was a part of him."

How beautiful. Not known to man but man known to his Lord.

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