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Masjid Raya Al Azhom Kota Tangerang

Haroon Mirza, a 29-year-old boy who has become a millionaire in Toronto Candan. Mirza and two partners sold the company to Intel sbuah company leading information technology last year. Thanks to the hard work he tasted the sweetness of success.

Mirza comes from a family of immigrants who came to Canada when he was 13 years old, along keluarganyanya originating from Pakistan, but this family had lived in Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

"At the time of family life hard to survive in the State of others, then you will be more motivated to be successful" Mirza explained.

"At the time I was young, I do not know what I want and how to achieve goals, but whatever it is, I have a strong determination to achieve whatever goals I want to accomplish with a vengeance" he said.

He also said that immigrants are usually already have a character as a successful entrepreneur who has been attached to them. This is because they have to have courage when they move to another country and they also have great expectations for realizing the ideals of their new.

"In general, not the ordinary people who live in the country of origin who moved abroad, but rather that the best ones are usually moved abroad" he said. "The character of someone who dared to move to a new place and take risks that may cause them to succeed in business"

Mirza in collaboration with its partners, namely Faizal Javer and Shahzad Malik. Both are friends learned during the lecture at Carleton University in Ottawa.

"Our goal is simply to set up a business together" he said. "We have the same values ​​and we all have a soul of business, at the time we were together, we were trying to find out about what the problems faced by the company and how the solution"

They are a trio of synergy, one of them is a computer expert, business and marketing expert. But they feel they have a lot of ignorance, so they are looking for someone who can execute their business plan.

They met with Suresh Mada, executive vice president and manager portafolio at Excalibur management company, where he used to organize portafolio worth $ 110 million, primarily for new companies.

"Do you know about the electronic poster? We realize that the advertising industry as it seeks to determine the impact of their ads. They want to know how many people have seen this ad, who sees and how long they see this ad. Such companies want some information about how successful their advertising posters.

"So we asked ourselves, can we find a solution?"

In the end they could. Under the umbrella company logo CognoVision, they create software that uses technology rekoknasi face (facial recognition) to provide information to advertisers how successful their ads.

This technology can collect data of how many people who pass through these ads, how many stop and watch the ad, how long they watch the ad, their gender and even their age range.

In 2007, this company TiEQuest technology competition. They did not win, but firms have managed to attract a wide range of industries to use their services. In 2009, the company was awarded as the most innovative company in Canada.

In 2010, Intel approached them with an offer that is attractive to offer a range of between $ 17 million to $ 25 million.

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